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The ugly and the absurd aren’t yet a doctrine, however only a consequence of the systematic search for new modes of expression of the beautiful. Picasso, exemplary artist of Modern Art because he practiced nearly all types, and if he didn’t, it is sure that he may have carried out, and paint like Alexandre Cabanel or William Bouguereau, declares the “massacred woman”. The finish of Modern Art, as from the years , thus proclaims both the ugliness and the disappearance of lady, which is traits of the official Contemporary Art that settled in the West from the Fifties onwards. Another noticeable tendency is that the “massacred girl”, the ugly and absurd woman, of the official contemporary art does not begin to look discretly till the tip of the Modern Art, after the Nineteen Twenties. But exactly as a result of it’s non-figurative, and except in its early days, this artistic trend doesn’t concern, or little, the image of the lady.

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