Shione Cooper Anal


Most people think babes from Eastern Europe are hot, but also kind of chilly, although maybe a bit too skinny, however that is not the case with Shione Cooper. She’s a beautiful chunky super honey with a floppy pair of monstrous tits and a rippling massive fat ass. Shione is a pleasant warm piece of fuck flesh, nevertheless it is not just her physique that is soft and plushy like a residing doll. Shione has a fun-loving personality, uncharacteristic of other Slavic sluts. Dicks from any nation know exactly what she desires. Seeing Shione on top in a lesbian 69, smothering her girlfriend together with her round mound of white ass, is an prompt eye boner. Having worked with studios from both sides of the Atlantic, Shione has all the worldwide tips of the jerk-off commerce.

Actors: shione cooper