Jordan Capri Video


Take Jordan Capri, who’s barely over 5′ tall, hardly 100lbs, and has essentially the most delectable little double-A tits you’ll be able to imagine. Jordan has the face of a cherub, but one who’s been corrupted by being exposed to the nastiest footage and is now addicted to the sight of onerous cocks and wet vaginas. Born in sunny San Diego, Jordan at all times dreamt of being a dancer. Jordan Capri is one of the most popular girls in the Lightspeed network and it’s fairly clear that is as a result of her timeless cuteness. In September 2006, a brief hardcore video clip featuring Jordan and her newlywed husband surfaced online. This video represents her first foray outdoors of the world of softcore pornography. Screenshots of an oral intercourse scene appeared on her Lightspeed web site on October 21.

Actors: capri / jordan capri / marsha