Hairy Latina Video


I went to highschool with a Greek girl who had to take a week off college as a result of she burned her face trying to bleach the thick black hairs on it. I’ve positively substituted my upper lip hair for a red bleach burn scab earlier than, and even probably the most veteran bleacher can make a boo-boo. This is for the all the girls who have had to love themselves despite everybody around them telling them in any other case, simply because of our explicit genetic disposition. This is for the ladies who have been informed that “only boys” have joyful trails. This is for the girls who have been made to really feel much less like a woman, less like a woman, because not solely were you furry however your hair was darkish and thick. I have spent 29 good years on this body and it is furry as shit and I’m OK with that.

Actors: charley chase