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For example, in the 4th quarter of 2009, IBM’s System z hardware revenues decreased by 27% 12 months over year. Gigabyte to terabyte-dimension record information usually are not uncommon. This hardware-level function, additionally found in HP’s NonStop methods, is called lock-stepping, because each processors take their “steps” (i.e. instructions) collectively. Not all functions completely need the assured integrity that these methods provide, however many do, corresponding to monetary transaction processing. NEC uses Xeon processors for its low-finish ACOS-2 line, but develops the customized NOAH-6 processor for its excessive-end ACOS-four sequence. IBM also develops customized processors in-house, such as the zEC12. In 2000, Hitachi co-developed the zSeries z900 with IBM to share bills, and latest Hitachi AP10000 models are made by IBM.

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