Dirty Girl Panties


Closeup of colourful dirty garments in a blue laundry basket isolated on a white background. While his actual estate agent was in one other room, Moon went inside a 3-year-old lady’s bed room, in accordance with a police report. He centered on the laundry hamper in the corner. He dug by way of the soiled laundry and pulled out what gave the impression to be the woman’s underwear. I was wondering if anyone knew at about what age a little lady starts to have normal discharge staining of their underwear? The discharge is yellowish and when asked about it she says she thinks it could be from not wiping herself properly or peeing somewhat in her pants when she just makes it to the lavatory. I know little ladies begin to “blossom” at around this age, but was wondering if this situation was included within the course of.

Actors: pink