Azeri Seks Zorlama


The Safavids, who rose from round Ardabil in Iranian Azerbaijan and lasted until 1722, established the foundations of the fashionable Iranian state. The Safavids, alongside their Ottoman archrivals, dominated the entire West Asian area and past for hundreds of years. At its peak underneath Shah Abbas the Great, it rivaled its political and ideological archrival the Ottoman empire in navy strength. They declare there may be proof that, due to repeated invasions and migrations, the aboriginal Caucasian inhabitants may have steadily been culturally and linguistically assimilated, first by Iranian peoples, such as the Persians, and later by the Oghuz Turks. In May 2006, Iranian Azerbaijan witnessed riots over publication of a cartoon depicting a cockroach talking Azerbaijani that many Azerbaijanis discovered offensive. The cartoon was drawn by Mana Neyestani, an Azeri, who was fired along together with his editor because of the controversy. As a outcome, tons of of ethnic Azeris have protested a program on state TV that contained what they think about an ethnic slur.

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