Annalee Belle Feet


In 1992, on the annual Annalee Doll Society Auction, a 10 inch tall Halloween girl doll created in the Fifties was auctioned off for a report $6,000. Due to the excessive price and collectability of Annalee dolls, there have been cases of individuals creating counterfeit dolls. During the Fifties, shops in Manchester and Boston began buying Annalee dolls to embellish retailer windows, and Annalee was hired by New Hampshire to create dolls to be featured in tourism materials. These dolls had been on display at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts, and on the Rockefeller Center in New York City, each to promote the state. With the fall in worth of eggs and poultry, Annalee needed to see if she could generate income selling her dolls once more. The Thorndikes offered off a bit of the poultry farm and used the income to create a small line of skier dolls. The line was successful, and slowly the Annalee doll “Factory in the Woods” was born.

Actors: anna belle